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6 Natural Remedies for Dog Anxiety

How to Treat Anxiety in Your Dog Naturally

What triggers nervousness in dogs? There are actually various causes, including excitement, lack of attention, loud noises, solitude, or any stressful situation. Whichever the...
10 Dog Breeds Ideal for a Condo or Apartment on The Plateau Mont-Royal11

10 Dog Breeds that Will Make the Best Apartment Roommate

You’ll be such a terrible person if you adopt a dog that can’t stand living in relatively small spaces. In fact, many people live...

7 Dog Breeds that are Most Affected by Cancer

Are there any dog breeds that are more prone to cancer than others? Unfortunately, yes. Just like humans, dogs are also vulnerable to many pathologies,...
5 Mistakes Made By Dog Owners

Top 5 Mistakes that Dog Owners Regret the Most

You should never make these mistakes! They certainly can cause serious issues to your dog’s well-being and behavior in the long-term. They probably don’t...
The 5 Least intelligent dog breeds1

The Top 5 Dumb Dog Breeds in the World

If your pooch is on this list, then you have one of the dumbest dogs in the world. Obviously, canines don’t all have the...
These 10 Shocking Things Done to Dogs Need to be Banned

These 10 Shocking Things Done to Dogs Need to be Banned

Humans tend to love life more when dogs are in it, yet they continue to do terrible things that really harm these pets just...

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