10 Mistakes That Can Cost Your Life You Need To Stop Doing


Meeting A Moose In The Woods

Meeting A Moose In The Woods

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A moose is one of the largest and biggest animals that you can ever come across while enjoying a walk in the woods. It’s true that they look timid and run away when you try to approach them, but they are still dangerous and might even attack you when they feel threatened.

In fact, people in Siberia say that the moose is much more dangerous and scarier than a bear. So, you’d better be cautious! So, here is what you should and shouldn’t do when you see them!

You shouldn’t:

– Never ever try to approach moose calves.

– Never ever make a sudden action or movement. Otherwise, your behavior will be interpreted as a threat.

You should:

– Immediately walk away if the moose started loudly roaring. It is definitely not the right time to approach them!

– Slowly pave the way for the moose and remember to do it slowly! Abrupt actions can cost your life!

– Take refuge in a tree. If you are frightened and can’t control your actions, then, hide behind a tree. No worries! They won’t be able to see you as they have a very weak eyesight.

– Even better Turn on loud music to keep them away as loud noises scare them!

– In case a moose chased you, waste no more time and look for the nearest tree and scale it.



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