10 Harmful Home Items That Are The Most Dangerous To Your Pet



10 Harmful Home Items That Are The Most Dangerous To Your Pet© Pinterest

As kids, we wanted to own as many pets as our house can (and can’t) hold, but our parents always say that one famous sentence “they are a big responsibility”. Obviously, that’s true, but the meaning of “big responsibility” can go far beyond what we understand. It doesn’t only mean feeding them and cleaning after them when they make number 2.

Before bringing any pet home, you need to “pet-proof” the house, which means hide any items that can be dangerous to your pet because there are hundreds of things in all of our houses that pose danger to our pet’s life.

So if you are a new pet-parent or you already got yourself cuddled with their hugs, you have to check the 10 harmful home items that are so dangerous to your pet.



© Pinterest

The love that could never get old, pizza! Of course, we are not telling you to stop making or ordering it, that would be such a stupid advice. But, you have to keep it away from your pets and not feed it to them no matter how much they begged.

The reason is some pizza toppings are very harmful, especially cheese, onion, and garlic. However, there are some cheeses that are okay to be consumed by pets, but the one that is commonly used in pizza is high in lactose, and that’s not good for your lovely animal.

Also, pizza contains sodium which is also another dangerous ingredient to them. So, better safe than sorry, right?




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