7 Dog Breeds that are Most Affected by Cancer


Are there any dog breeds that are more prone to cancer than others? Unfortunately, yes.

Just like humans, dogs are also vulnerable to many pathologies, and cancer is not excluded. Every dog owner should be concerned about the health of their loyal companion. Sadly, some breeds are more predisposed than others to develop different cancers due to their physique.

Although sad, this is so true. So you need to be aware of the breeds that are more affected by cancer so you can be more vigilant and detect the possible symptoms soon enough to save your dog’s life.

PetsClubLovers has prepared a list of 7 dog breeds that are most affected by cancer

#1 – Boxer

Image Source: American Kennel Club / Portal do Dog

Boxers are kind, clownish and devoted, but they are also one of the dog breeds that are most affected by cancer. According to a study, 44.3% of boxers died from some type of cancer.

Brain and skin cancers are more common in boxers, with a risk 4 times higher than the average to develop mastocytoma, a skin tumor that’s very common in the boxer breed.

In general, the Boxer is predisposed to various dermatological problems, but malignant tumors in the skin affect up to 21 % of the Boxers. The mastocytoma is located mainly in the trunk of the dog and is in the form of an isolated dermal nodule measuring between 1 and 10 cm. However, the tumor can be treated if detected early enough.




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