Top 10 Most Powerful Dogs in the World


Top 10 Most Ferocious and Powerful Dogs in The World

You’ll start doubting whether all dogs can really be your best friends once you know what these dogs are capable of. Obviously, they can easily tear any piece of flesh with one bite. But the real question is how well can humans control these bites or the instinctive wild behavior in general?

No one can deny that these dog breeds have some aggressiveness in their genes. In addition to the not too many recorded attacks against humans, certain dogs are having a quite bad reputation worldwide.

They are powerful, but not necessarily bad. These dogs certainly need professional training, great care, and a very responsible owner. Otherwise, things turn out so bad for both the human and their pet.

They are banned in some countries and not so many people dare to have them as pets


Image Source: Inside Dogs World

Faithful, intelligent, protective and sporty, the German shepherd is known for their natural work skills as well as their elegant and athletic body. This dog breed makes great watchdogs with remarkable abilities of reflection, deduction, and action in a given situation. German shepherds need both physical and mental stimulation on a regular basis to properly evacuate their energy.

These dogs are very versatile and are used by police and army forces for protection and tracking missions. Their qualities also make them excellent service dogs and companions, as well as defense and rescue dogs. German shepherds actually love water and are excellent swimmers. These pups seem almost perfect, but they need require an almost perfect owner who’s able to train and guide them properly.




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